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The price
of my services

$ 1950
Landing Page

Usually they take up to 10 days, in the end you will receive an archive with a completely ready-made adaptive site from which applications will come.

$ 1550
Main page
$ 250
each internal
Multipage site

It takes 10 days for the main one, and then 1-2 internal ones per day.

As a result, you will receive an archive with a completely finished site, from which applications will come.

$ 100
Domain + hosting (optional)

This is the cost of registering a domain and hosting (on your data), attaching a domain to the hosting and uploading files to the hosting, after which your site will be completely ready and available on the Internet.

At the same time, the cost of the domain is paid separately (I have no idea if you will have .ru .com .ua or some other domain, so I can’t include the price for it in the total cost).

Hosting, of course, is also paid separately, but in what I recommend, the first month is free, so you can pay for it later.

$ 100
Is free
Admin panel (site control panel, CMS)

A simple admin panel with which you can change any text on the site, pictures, insert metric codes, etc. Also, you will receive detailed video instructions on how to manage the site through this admin panel.

Although it is already as intuitive as possible and in fact does not require training in use. Even a child will understand it.

Every 4th
Is free
Discounts :)

There will also be a page with a successful application submission, a privacy policy and a 404 if we make a multipage page for free.

$ 100
A discount
When reapplying

If I made a website for you before, then there are special conditions for you))

$ 400

I’m sure you’re not that kind of person, but still because of other people who cheated and ordered the 1st screen, didn’t pay, and then resold it (regular freelancers who take an order, then write to me, pretending to be a customer and get a website concept for free) and customers who applied in the same way, did not pay anything, and then went to the newcomer, showed my work and asked me to continue in the same style for $5 ... as a result, they received not a website, but a "Frankinstein" which still did not work.

Prepayment is a forced measure, because doing the whole site in the hope that I will not be deceived is a bad idea, I tried it before, but now I have abandoned this approach forever. Because I'm tired of explaining to my wife why I'm not in the evenings, and then it turns out that I worked for free...

There is no reason not to trust me, I have been making websites for more than 10 years and so far you have not found a single negative review, here is evidence , it is obvious that I am never interested in spoiling my reputation for $400.

I will tell you why each element is exactly where it is and looks exactly the way it looks (there will be a separate detailed presentation with pictures and lots of text).

All decisions made during the development of the site will be justified, each of them will contribute to the achievement of the goal (sales, service orders, subscriptions, etc.), and not stuck "from the bulldozer" as most developers do.

If suddenly you do not agree with me, everything is wrong and it cannot be corrected by editing, then I will return the prepayment. This has never happened to me before, but it can still happen.

But if you suddenly change your mind about making a website, or there was a landing page, but it became a multi-pager, but you don’t want to pay extra, or completely change the task ... or something else that you can’t just take and fix with the current agreement and you don’t want to change it, then I will keep the deposit. Again, there have been no precedents yet, because a compromise can always be found.

$ 400
Next step by step

First, I make the 1st screen of the site , show it to you (while justifying all the decisions made), you approve it (we make adjustments if necessary), after which you pay $400.

, I make a PC version of the site (this is a version for computers), when everything suits you again, you pay $400 , after which I make an adaptive (tablet and mobile versions (at the same time, you need to understand that there will be one site, it just adjusts for different screens and devices.

After that, you pay the rest of the total amount , and I proceed to the final stage of development, as a result, you will receive an archive for uploading to the hosting, or I will upload everything there myself.

In more detail, about how everything will happen when you order a site from me, you can read by clicking on this link .

So if you need a website, I will be happy to help you! Contacts at the very bottom of the page.

$ € ₽ ₴
Payment Methods

There will be no problems with payment, all customers were eventually able to pay, so it doesn’t matter what country you are from and what bank you use, there is nothing complicated. You can pay with any currency in the world.

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