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I am 32 years old and
I enjoy website development,
this is my secret...

years, freelancing, enriching clients
In addition to developing thoughtful websites for my clients, I train web designers and developers in my craft.
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Introduction to the Internet

Do you know how it all started? This is really unusual) It all started with the desire to have a smartphone and the inability to buy it at that time ...

Yes, there is little connection in the development of sites, but it is there. My first acquaintance with development happened when I made a smartphone on the Symbian operating system from my Siemens CX65 ... well, or something like it (yes, in 2008 there was neither Android nor iOS yet).

The bottom line was that a web page was made in html (the same that websites are now doing), which opened locally in the browser (the Internet was not needed, just a file from the phone’s memory was opened) and this page looked like a menu of a cool smartphone. Navigation was still carried out by menu shortcuts, moreover, they were all working, local links to executable files in the phone system were registered on the shortcuts, and for example, when you click on the same camera, the camera opens. At the time it was magic.

But I went further when I got the Internet (umm ... that's 100 megabytes per month, ... on a phone, with a screen resolution of 132x176 pixels (and you now, on a phone, are two thousand in height and 1080 in width) So, on this tiny screen, in the same 2008, I made my first site, it was wml (this format is purely for mobile, the Internet was then wap), and at that moment I realized that I wanted to figure out how the whole this magic that I want to create on the Internet ...

I told my classmates about the self-made site, they sat on it (it was a warez, and there were files from other sites (music, pictures, etc.), there was little attendance from my classmates (one and a half people)), and I went further, started promoting my site in different directories, etc., placed ads on it, started earning money, but it was all not serious.

It started seriously when I got a laptop, on this hollow stump, I already made a full-fledged website (for computers, not just phones), it still works techno-shock.blogspot.com rewrote articles there and sold it, but then I realized that technology news is a narrow topic, but I want to write about everything ...

So the new site infodoz.ru was born (it is also not mine anymore) on it, having achieved attendance of more than 1000 people a day, I began to slowly earn and sell chicken which lays golden eggs, somehow did not want to, but there was one problem. I tried to write articles (there are more than half a thousand of them on the infodose, and there were also sites before it, about news of films and series).

Also, while promoting sites, I delved into the intricacies of SEO, along the way I still managed to make a portal about making money on blogs (wordpress FM wpfm.ru) and making money on forex (forex man fxman.ru), but doing all this, I caught myself thinking What I love most about all this mess is tinkering with the design of my sites.

I spent hours figuring out WordPress and constantly changing the look of sites, I changed the design at least once a week and I could not stop. Then it dawned on me that this is mine )))

At that time, I already managed to make 2 sites to order, this is a site for the university and for one local deputy. I already had some experience, so I decided to take the path of freelance...

How I came to development

I decided to be a designer, at that time the design was done in Photoshop, the old fashioned way, so I drew layouts and did not know grief. But there was a problem... - Typesetters who didn't do it the way I imagined.

Then I realized that I still need to do the whole site, and not just the design, because it’s simply unrealistic to explain on the fingers how this block should bounce when you hover the mouse with what speed and dynamics, how high and how to return back. Moreover, even if all this is described in detail ... he will do it in his own way. Usually it's simpler and faster...

And I started making turnkey websites, so to speak, the client received a completely finished website and everyone was happy. Although why it was, everything is still like that)))
To this day, I have been working like this, for many years now.


At the moment, I managed to work both on dull Windows laptops, on a gaming PC, on all Apple equipment (there are blog articles about them all ), I came to the conclusion that the best thing is iMac 5k and a second monitor on the side (Full HD) c the same diagonal display. So convenient, productive and extremely pleasant to work with. I can also check the performance of the site both on windows and on a poppy))

No problem)))

Yes, now there is a lot of advertising on the Internet with one-day sites that pass off other people's work as their own (my work is also often stolen, but it even flatters me), they either cannot do it at the level shown in the portfolio (the work is not theirs) or simply they take an advance payment and disappear, and a month later the site is turned off and a new similar one appears, to which traffic is driven again.

So my website development is the main and only job, I live for more than one year due to this, it doesn’t make any sense for me to throw you money in principle, because what’s the point of spoiling my reputation if I can just complete the order and get money.

But anyway, let's get down to the facts...

I've had it for a long time

My site was registered in 2013 ( reg.ru won't let you lie, it's impossible to fake it ).A lot of links lead to the domain (from copyrights on the sites I made, if you don’t mind, then it will show off on yours too, and this is not bad, but on the contrary it helps to sell from such sites , because it tells the visitor that you are not a schoolboy who is on his knee riveted the site, and the businessman who invested in the site, which means he is serious and can be trusted).

On authoritative sites

I don’t work on stock exchanges now (there are enough regular customers, + word of mouth rules).

But still, there are reviews on them, if you suddenly need them, then here: on a weblancer (yes, they are older than 5 years, this is not yet another proof that I am not a beginner in the field of website development, I do not need experience, so I can definitely help you) and freelancing

Also, here are the reviews in Google
I'm already silent about hundreds of comments on the
YouTube channel

He knows me :)

You can google me to make sure that there are no bad reviews about me in principle, and I am also noted in Google as a website developer.

In addition, you can google a bunch of works stolen from me, but I'm tired of fighting all this, but on the contrary, I'm pleased that my work is considered cool and stolen)) I can do it as shown there, but they don't.

A lot of them...

I teach both offline and on YouTube channel

You can write to me, I will give links to their portfolio, they are all living and practicing developers, if you want, you can write to them and ask about me. And yes, they also make cool sites (but we remember who created them :) and who will make them 🔥 cooler) but still, if your budget is extremely limited, then I will advise you one of them and he will make you a site "cheaper ".

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