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Just write to me!

Well, for starters, write to me in telegram or email [email protected]

In fact, the phrases: “I sell Xiaomi Mi Band 4 in black” is enough for me to get started. Seriously, with this one phrase, I can make a complete website. Yes, you will write to me later: “Set the cost such and such, my mail is such and such, and you guessed the phone number.”

Everything is very simple , you need to understand this. If you have any data for the site - send it to me, I will choose what you need. If there is no data, well, it doesn’t matter, I will organize them myself.

$ 400
I am making a website

Prepayment is a forced measure . I wrote more about it here.

After a couple of days, I will give you a link like this one, only your site will be there. I will also tell you why each element is exactly where it is and looks exactly the way it looks (there will be a separate detailed presentation with pictures and lots of text.

All decisions made during the development of the site will be justified , each of them will contribute to the achievement of the goal (sales, service orders, subscriptions, etc.), and not stuck "from the bullshit" as most developers do.

Second phase
$ 400
1st screen ready

After making an advance payment, you saw the 1st screen of your future site, it’s no longer scary to deposit the next $ 400))), you do it, after which I will completely make the PC version of the site (this is the version for computers and laptops).

Third stage
$ 400
PC version of the site is ready

This is a version for computers, laptops, netbooks, and even TVs))), when everything suits you again, you pay, after which I proceed to the next stage.

Fourth stage
$ residue
Adaptive ready

Tablet and mobile versions are ready (at the same time, you need to understand that the site will be the same, it just adapts to different screens and devices).

*In the example, the stages of creating a one-pager are analyzed, if you have a multi-page site, then these will be the stages of developing the main page, after which I will do internal ones, but there the payment will already be simplified, done - you paid, you do not need to split the process into stages.

And here is your website

Next, I will proceed to the final stage of development (I will insert a map with your label, set up sending applications to your mail, optimize the code, compress pictures, etc.) after which I will make an archive with the site.

If necessary, I will register a domain (for you) and hosting for a fee , and upload the site there and set everything up.

You will also have a simple admin panel with which you can change any text on the site, pictures, insert metric codes, etc. Also, you will receive detailed video instructions on how to manage the site through this admin panel. Although it is already as intuitive as possible and in fact does not require training in use. Even a child will understand it.

At the same time, you can always write to me - and I will do everything for you, while not breaking anything)))

I will, no problem

Here you need to understand that the edits, for good, should be justified , that is, when you write: "Let's write in pink light green" I will ask - "How will this change improve sales?"

Often edits can worsen the site, customers themselves, without knowing it, reduce their future profits. It is important to understand here that when contacting me, you must trust me as an expert , I know my work, and just as you will not teach a surgeon to perform an operation, you do not need to implement your personal preferences with my hands.

The secret is that the site is not made for you., and for 51% of site visitors, it is for the tastes and perceptions of most people, and not for narcissism)). It's great that someone likes buttons with gory-eyed colors, but this is not a reason to doom all site visitors to irritation of the optic nerve))). The site must fulfill its function in the first place, and then the owner likes it.

But in any case, if after my attempt to justify why your version is worse than mine, you still want to make that change, I will do it.

I am always available and will help in any way I can!

In the future, if you need to change the price, phone number, add a new assortment, holiday banner or any other change, you just write to me and I will do it.

Yes, not for free, but I won’t break the site, otherwise after hiring a student for 3 rubles, you still contact me so that I can fix his jambs, and it will obviously be more expensive for you to fix other people’s mistakes.

So write - I'm sure we will agree!

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