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Website development
bringing you

You will receive a completely finished site, each element on which will be justified and perform its function
The site will be

Unique (development occurs from scratch)

Adaptive (correct display on all devices, and display extensions)

Interactive (animation in the right places, reaction to interaction)

Everything is justified

A full-fledged clear presentation of the site

Rationale for absolutely all decisions made

Each block and element has its own goal and it will achieve it

The shape, color, size, location of each element on the site - supported by arguments

Full cycle




Setting up forms, etc.

Installing the admin panel

Domain and hosting

Launching the site

Support in the future

I create convenient websites of any subject
critical business challenges

years, freelancing, enriching clients
In addition to developing thoughtful websites for my clients, I train web designers and developers in my craft.
Sharing knowledge and experience

On text blog pages

On the YouTube channel «Freelance pumping»

I post on Instagram

I analyze the work from the Telegram channel

My products: audit checklist, color guide

I do paid individual training

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